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Name:Christmas Gift Blind Box 12 Fruit Dolls 470102
Commodity number:470102
State of sale:Spot


In order to better serve your buyers, waste your precious time first and see the following instructions:

The height of the doll is about 6-8 cm.Domestic version!Each has a separate color carton package.
This box is packed in transparent bag!
The original factory may appear in the blind box or unopened bag (Head loose ~ arm loose ~ station is unstable ~ paint off ~ dye ~ black spots ~ uneven paint, etc.Please also accept, the glass heart minds carefully shoot the original factory 瑕疵 problem is not sold, the purchase of the doll has the original box, but some boxes may be broken when broken, mind carefully shot

A single jasmine random hair is not a series of picks (Do not pick style), please contact customer service or direct remarks (see the series)Pickable series does not pick style).Direct random distribution without remarks, will not be returned!!!
Wholesale zero profit
****The original factory 瑕疵 problem is not returned ****
12 constellations (with invisible version):
12 insect series jasmine dolls:
12 Biqi Elf series:
12 Picco elves can be removed, not a problem.
12 court relic jasmine:
12 campus series Jasmine:
Single loaded tiger suit jasmine
6 kt:
12 professional departments
100 Rate %
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