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Women Fashion Woman Party Dress Casual Dresses 822307
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Product Details

Name:Women Fashion Woman Party Dress Casual Dresses 822307
Commodity number:822307
Waist type:High waist
Suitable age:18-24 years old
Contour:X type
Combination:a piece
Sleeve Length:sleeveless
Skirt length:Mid-length skirt
Sleeve Type:conventional
Year season:Autumn of 2018
Ingredient content:71% (inclusive) - 80% (inclusive)


Fabric: Crack wrinkles

Cleaning method: washing

(There will be floating color in the water, please know, don't mind not taking pictures, it is acceptable)

Cleaning method: hand washing, not machine washable, not drying, not long time

Do not pour the laundry directly onto the clothes, chemical composition and easy to burn clothes cause uneven fading


S bust 80 high waist 68 skirt length 70

M bust 84 high waist circumference 72 skirt length 71

L bust 88 high waist 76 skirt length 72

(Unit cm) (all artificial hand amount is about 1-3cm error is normal)

Model height 165cm weight 50kg real shot S code

*Because the display is different, the shooting environment is different. The light is different, the color difference must exist, don't mind the color difference, do not shoot, take the color to accept the color difference!

About delivery

The default is through the express, if you need to specify the courier can contact customer service notes.


About color difference

All the products shipped in this store are 100% in-kind shooting. What you see is the received goods. Under different color lights and pictures on the display, it may cause different degrees of chromatic aberration, so please do not accept any chromatic aberration at all.Buyers carefully consider, the color difference problem, will not be used as the basis for return, the film is accepted!
About size
Our shop所有衣衣尺寸误差在3CM内属正常范围,不能接受的买家请慎重考虑 请买家仔细查看商品尺寸表及说明介绍,如无法确认,请咨询客服并告知准确身材数据(如胸围、腰围, hips, etc.), the store customer service will recommend the corresponding Size according to experience, but ultimately the buyer must decide, because each person's situation is different, the customer service can not see the buyer real person, such as the recommended Size is not suitable to produce the return postage, needBuyers bear the responsibility
About return
Quality problem exchange-- Products that are indeed quality issues, need to send photos to customer service.It is also necessary to send the returned goods within 48 hours after the receipt, and we will exchange them after the receipt of the goods.Goods returned must not be washed and should not be damaged.The original accessories such as packaging and tag/collar must be kept intact and returned as they are.If you do not agree with the store, you will Has been washedOr the tag has been demolishedGoods returned, even if Our shop Signed, the store will not be accepted!Do not accept any form of payment!Buyers are not allowed to apply for a refund without any negotiation!
Quality problem return--Buyers have quality problems with the goods they receive, we will exchange them for you free of charge.If you need to return the goods, the return shipping costs must be borne by the buyer. Online shopping itself has a cycle problem. If due to:I don't want to wait, I don't like it very much. I have a quality problem that makes me feel bad. So I don't want it, it is a sensory problem return.(Please refer to the sensory problem return)
Sensory problem return--The clothing itself is a perceptual consumer product, because the color does not like, the color difference, the imagination is not beautiful, the imagination is not good, the model is not good, too transparent, too thin, too thick, too big, too small, uncomfortable,The logistics is too slow to affect my mood, and I think it is different. I thought it was XX. I didn’t expect it to be XX, my mother’s husband, my colleague, my aunt, my aunt, I didn’t like it, and I would like to return it.Shipping costs are self-care.
Seller return--The seller's situation produces a return, the buyer needs to make up the deliveryActual productionShipping costs.Any preferential policy is only based on the premise that all purchases of the purchased goods are successful, such as all returns or partial returns, the buyer must apply for the refund amount minus the actual shipping cost.

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