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កូនបាសឥតខ្សែ EDIFIER R201T12 2.1 Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable Outdoor TF FM Radio Stereo Gift WV0008
កូនបាសឥតខ្សែ EDIFIER R201T12 2.1 Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable Outdoor TF FM Radio Stereo Gift WV0008
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Name:កូនបាសឥតខ្សែ EDIFIER R201T12 2.1 Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable Outdoor TF FM Radio Stereo Gift WV0008
Commodity number:PZWV0008
Interface:3.5 stereo headphone plug
Gross weight of goods:4.61kg
Applicable scene:desktop
Brand:Edifier (EDIFIER)
Power supply:External power supply
Channel:2.1 channel
Connection method:other
Renovation type:brand new
Size:Low speaker body size: 164 × 192 × 278mm;
satellite box size: 90 × 158 × 100mm;


Every company with a history of accumulation has an eye-catching product. After the launch of the R201T series products, the R201T series products not only achieved a bumper harvest, but also won widespread recognition from consumers.
Adhering to the simple, classic and practical advantages of the Rambler R201T series, the Rambler launched the new R201T12 in the second half of 2011. This interior and exterior product adds a touch of style to the classics, making your audio-visual entertainment life more colorful.
A uniquely sleek look that highlights the exquisite style
The design of the satellite box is also very distinctive. The translucent legs decorate the entire satellite box, and the shape is smart. Under the hard lines of the low speakers, a soft beauty is highlighted.
Acoustic structure upgrade, low frequency shock
The R201T12 features a 5-inch foam-edge cone with a large magnetic steel. The acoustic structure is also upgraded. The hyperboloid thickened and elongated inverted tube and curved surface design can greatly reduce wind noise, improve sound quality and ensure strong low frequency.
In addition to the powerful low-frequency effects, the R201T12 is made of E0-grade environmentally-friendly MDF on the low-speaker cabinet, which is environmentally friendly and can effectively prevent the bad resonance and box sound of the cabinet. The high-pitched unit in the high-quality 2.75-inch foam-edge cone makes the treble bright and the midrange sweet.
Professional small elevation satellite box design to enhance listening experience
In order to reduce the sound reflection on the desktop and ensure better near-field listening, the R201T12 allows the satellite speaker to be integrated with the front baffle base to form a small elevation angle, which is more suitable for the ideal angle of actual use, and also reduces the sound wave on the desktop. Reflective interference makes the sound quality cleaner and clearer.
Side control panel design for easy daily operation
R201T12 adopts side control panel design, interface and control knob are arranged on the right side. From top to bottom, the volume adjustment knob, bass gain adjustment knob, line input, power indicator light, satellite box output interface and power switch key are convenient for users. Adjustment.
Double insulation of the mains part to ensure safe use of electricity
As a company with social responsibility and quality first, Edifiers have implemented quality and safety, strictly abide by national electrical standards, and use double-layer insulation technology to ensure user safety.

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