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ឆ្នាំ ង សាក ឥត ខ្សែ Crystal Mobile Phone Fast Charge Wireless Charger Transparent PZ523193
ឆ្នាំ ង សាក ឥត ខ្សែ Crystal Mobile Phone Fast Charge Wireless Charger Transparent PZ523193
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Product Details

Name:ឆ្នាំ ង សាក ឥត ខ្សែ Crystal Mobile Phone Fast Charge Wireless Charger Transparent PZ523193
Commodity number:PZ523193
Battery Type:no
certified product:Have
Data cable, charger, power bank, etc.:no
Indicator function:Indicator function
Input parameters:Khaki (77166#)
Main downstream platforms:ebay,Amazon,wish,AliExpress,Stand-alone station,LAZADA
Main sales area:North America,North-east Asia,middle East,Southeast Asia,South America,Europe,Africa
MP1000 Men's Rod:Micro USB
Output parameters:Khaki (77166#)
recharging current:1000
Types of:Wireless charge
Whether the cross-border export source is exclusively:Yes


 CompanyQuality first, Strive to create product cost ratio as the core concept, (not marketVicious competitionInLower the priceanddropLow quality,useCraftsmanship,doproduct).The quality of our factory guarantees that customers can be authorized for long-term cooperation after the sale鲲海 电子Walk with you on the road


Heavy news: The era of wireless charging is coming soon!
From the beginning of our mobile phone into our life, we are bound by traditional charging methods and are bound by charging.Today, the arrival of wireless charging technology will completely change this status quo.Wireless charging
, Let you charge the charging technology to charge your mobile phone, let you get rid of the troubles of the data cable, experience elegance, and concise lifestyle.Wireless charging technology is growing, and the digital products will soon use to different categories
Even more powerful electrical equipment.Up to now, the number of members of the Alliance has increased to more than 200, and many well-known companies are all members of the alliance. It is clear that mobile phone wireless charging will be a general trend.


Factory direct sales, welcome merchants, physical stores, wholesale, professional foundry, undertake OEM / ODM orders, customizable, can be filed, welcome to consult.
Contact phone; 13429005647 Contact: Yu Sheng


Note: Wireless charger = receiver + transmitter
The wireless charger does not have a receiver, and the receiver needs to be purchased in the wireless receiver classification of our website.


The product suit can be modified as required, or bare metal, the price will change, welcome to consult





Packing information:
Choose the above green box packaging price can be reduced by 0.1 yuan
Factory built-in receiver mobile phone:

note:(Wireless charger is not supported)





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