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Name:នាឡិកា នារី new waterproof Women Watch PZ187218
Commodity number:PZ187218
After-sales service:Shop warranty
Buckle material:Sky Blue Card
Case material:Sky Blue Card
Clasp style:Buckle
Crown type:Onion crown
Custom processing:Yes
Data cable, charger, power bank, etc.:no
Dial diameter:34mm
Dial shape:Round
Display type:pointer
DK-048 dark gray:Female















Description of returns:

      Before shipping, we have a special verification and examination of the quantity, quality, packaging of the goods, and eliminate quality commodity delivery to customers.It is also possible to avoid unnecessary trouble and unpleasant receipt, but since it is wholesale, the number of shipments is extremely large, sometimes it is difficult to ensure that each product will not appear.If individual product quality problems, packaging is damaged, express is crushing, and there are small flaws.Please don't talk about how Taobao is solved. Please know that Alibaba is doing wholesale.Taobao is a few times a few times, and we basically add 10 percentage points, some even can't reach. 

  • You are in front of the goods: Please check if the outer packaging is intact, determine if there is no damage to the signs or abnormal reload; if the package is damaged, please pay attention to the goods in time before the postman is not left, encounter qualityThe problem or quantity is not right to contact us by the postman: 13631486675/13682259844 If the shelf has been damaged, I received the goods and greeted the online customer service, put the damaged product into pictures, weColleagues give you registration or do appropriate processing. 

  • About returns specific solutions:(Do the sale of goods, non-quality problems, no return service. If there is any problem, please contact customer service within seven days.)


    Solution 1: If you have damage or quality problems, please contact us within 3 days of receiving the goods.Due to the extremely low-quality product exchange, the postage exchanges, the postage is half.Please inform us when sending back, please help us pack, orderOrder than 500 yuan or more order reimbursement ten yuan shipping to Alipay,Buyers pay the return shipping fee, waiting for us to receive verification and confirmation.


    Solution 2: If there is any one or two, the number is one or two, please accumulate first, please hear the goods to let go of the online customer service, send us the damaged product.Under the circumstances of quality problems and us, our colleagues give you a good registration. In the future, the cumulative damage to the fills reached around 8-10, please return it one time, you sent back the watch, send it together..Please inform us when sending back, please help us pack it.


    Solution 3: People are damaged by people.Freight is a customer.The movement of the movement is free to help repair, the problem of replacing the accessories, according to the corresponding fee according to the different parts.If you feel hard to accept or just want to set a cargo person, please choose carefully, because when you choose a supplier, we are also choosing customers, we just want to choose a long-term cooperation.



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