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នាឡិកា នារី female Watch Diamond Starry Steel Band Quartz Watch PZ103437
នាឡិកា នារី female Watch Diamond Starry Steel Band Quartz Watch PZ103437
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Product Details

Name:នាឡិកា នារី female Watch Diamond Starry Steel Band Quartz Watch PZ103437
Commodity number:PZ103437
After-sales service:Shop warranty
Buckle material:Rose gold
Case material:alloy
Clasp style:Single folding buckle
Crown type:Spiral crown
Custom processing:Yes
Data cable, charger, power bank, etc.:no
Dial diameter:32mm
Dial shape:Round
Display type:pointer
DK-048 dark gray:Female


                       Purchase instructions                           
This store supports a generation, and does not count the amount of orders, and only long-term cooperation will win the wealth.
You can cooperate to be a fate, I hope to cherish each other, business is not friendship.^ _ ^  


               Please read the following collaborative matters carefully

1] We are the wholesale platform, the profit will be a few cents. If there is any problem with the goods, if it is 10 or less, we will bear the shipping cost, the amount is probably or less.There is a different kind of bad items, if you have received, please help temporarily save you, accumulating 10 or more, please return to me, send mail to send our company.The postage buyer first out, received the goods together, the warehouse refused to pay the express delivery.

2] In the case where the product is not worn, the customer service is contacted within 3 days after the delivery is signed, and the order is within 1 month, and if the customer receives only 10 or less, ask for returning,You can return it, but postage needs to be borne.I can't accept the buyer of the above processing plan, please don't place an order, so as not to work unpleasant partners.If it is 1 2, please do not place an order.

3] Especially the customers in remote areas, postage is expensive, and the postage from the product may exceed the value of the item itself. If you can't accept the above, please don't place it, when you choose a quality supplier, weAlso choose a high-quality customer who is willing to cooperate with long-term cooperation. Thank you for buyers here.

4] All of the low-cost watches is not waterproof, wholesale profits, and customers who cannot still agree with the above-mentioned quality problems, please do not place orders, so as not to cause unnecessary disputes, waste between the two sides, the company's non-quality problems, allReturn; please assess the sales capability and then inquiry.Welcome all foreign trade companies, high credit online stores.








Watch maintenance small knowledge:

1, please do not close the watch and magnetic objects;

2, in the event of water supply (with air) should be cleaned immediately to avoid the core rust;

3. If the table is attached to protect the sheet or possessed the label, please uncover them before use, otherwise the sweat will penetrate into the sheath paper, resulting in the rust of the surface;

4. Do not touch the watch into a variety of solvents and various chemicals, otherwise the housing strap can discolor, rust due to erosion;

5, the watch (quartz table only) can be stable and accurate in the range of 5 ° C to 35 ° C, which can cause battery leakage or shorten electricity by more than 50 ° C.

   Pool life.Do not place the table for a long time in a low temperature -10 ° C environment, because the air is slow or fast, when the watch returns to normal temperature, run a reply


6, the watch can be divided into submersible tables, waterproof meter and non-waterproof meter depending on the waterproof performance.Watch waterproof is a waterproof rubber ring that relies on table glass, back cover, table

   Reach the corresponding standard, divided into different levels:

(1) Sweat-resistant: Very easy to understand, only prevent sweat from running into the table;

(2) Water-resistant: It is occasionally touched to the water, for example, you can't spray your hands in your hands.I haven't had a problem, in short, it is, it is to prevent accidental small water flowers in life;

(3) 30m waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): There is a "30m" word on the watch, which is the waterproof watch, which can be used in daily comb or rain, but the Lord

   If the movement is to prevent the movement from being damaged by dust and moisture. 30m waterproof, professional people's explanation is that the pressure per square area can withstand 3 kg pressure, about stationary 

   In the state, it is equivalent to the pressure of 30 meters of water, equivalent to three atmospheric pressure. For us ordinary consumers, we only need to remember 30m, it is a waterproof watch

   The most basic primary can be;

(4) 50m waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): There are "50m" words on the watch, that is, 50m waterproof meter, is the consumer's mind.

   Waterproof meter, available for swimming and general housework waterproof watch.Remember to adjust the test in the water;

(5) Diving meter (100m waterproof, 200m waterproof, 300 meters waterproof, etc.): It is a professional waterproof watch, which can be used for swimming and diving. Work.



Friendly reminder:

1. Any waterproof table should not take contact with hot water, water vapor (such as washing water bath, sauna, etc.);

2. Try to avoid using a large temperature in temperature, the temperature difference will condense moisture in the air in the table, thereby causing water foken in the inlet and the table.

    If there is a mist in the watch, please clean and maintenance as soon as possible to the professional watch maintenance department;

3, the watch is a precision instrument after all, please care for use.Good usage habits can make your love life growth, and the bad habit will shorten the life of the watch..

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