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ក្រវិល នារី Silver Needle South Korean Fashion Trend Earring PZ809910

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Name:ក្រវិល នារី Silver Needle South Korean Fashion Trend Earring PZ809910
Commodity number:PZ809910
style:Korean style/Korean style,Women's
Custom processing:Yes
Inlay material:Unmounted
Main downstream platforms:AliExpress,Stand-alone station,LAZADA,wish,Amazon,ebay
Main sales area:Africa,North-east Asia,middle East,North America,Southeast Asia,South America,Europe
Occasions for gifts:Housewarming,Fair,Opening ceremony,Public relations planning,Commemorative award,Business gift,Anniversary celebration,Employee Benefits,Advertising promotion,festival,Tourism Memorial,birthday,Wedding
package:individual package
Print LOGO:can
production code:AE0010



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 .Every item we all have a reference weight, and the shipping system will automatically calculate when shooting, and it may be slightly error. If you have any questions, please contact us in time.Fire collection, non-fire-fighting products can be shipped with fire products, you can contact customer service to change the shipping cost.

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 1.包:: full128Yuan is shipping (except Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai); Yiwu City500Dielivery;(The above foundation is in the case of the product without the situation)

 2.Member: Members enjoy shop discounts, as well as other activities, specific reference shop home member area
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  •  3,activity:In order to provide the majority of buyers with more affordable goods, we will launch a variety of promotions every week, so stay tuned! 
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 Factory professional jewelry wholesale,Product bulk production, basically manual processing, different batch products may have a small difference, minor flaws (not affected sales) can not be avoided, it is recommended to take the goods first, everyone should understand the truth of a penny, don'tWith your own imagination, everyone's imagination is infinite, this we can't satisfy, please forgive me!For customers who are very demanding, please go to the counter!

  • 5About colors

 1.The store is mostly the physical shooting, a small number of network pictures; color is the most close to the physical tile map, due to the light, computer display color contrast and color temperature, color difference is inevitable, the picture is for reference only, pleaseThe real thing is accurate, mind cautious!

2.With regard to the style and color problems, the default is purchased, and the style or color note is not supported (except for special instructions in the product page); we try to distribute the goods according to your requirements, but it is inevitable that you will be lacking.If you temporarily out of stock (you can still note the shortage color random), we will inform you Wangwang or call, please forgive me! 

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1.Sign: Please be sure to sign the goods, this is your right, it is also the key to our after-sales work, thank you for your cooperation.(If you are not convenient for my sign, please know the friend, loved ones or guards, such as friends, relatives or guards.) 


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3.Return: If you are not satisfied with the product, don't like it, you can return without using it without affecting the secondary sales; the general product default support for three days after the receipt, no reason to return, some product support for seven days no reason to return service

Note:1.The following conditions cannot be enjoyed:AReturned product packaging is damaged or incomplete, product accessories or related information is not uniform;BUnauthorized repair or modification;CNot used or stored in normal methods;DiColor color difference is not returned, and the goods are sold after the service period.
After-sales service is the company's most basic service, we are willing to provide good after-sales service, and good after-sales service also requires customers to cooperate, please read the above instructions before returning the goods, do it as much as possible, to avoidImpact on your after-sales service.
The above information about, damaged and quality problems, such as part of the commodity problem, if the guest wants to return, according to Alibaba, the freight needs to be purchased.
More detailed instructions can refer to the shop home page announcement, if there are other questions, please leave a message or consult online customer service, order you agree to the above terms, the final interpretation is owned by the Company. 

  • 7. About invoices                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Can you develop a ticket --- Yes --- If you need to develop a ticket, please contact customer service to inform specific billing information.
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