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នាឡិកា បុរស Curren Men Leather Sport Dual Movement Multifunction Watch PZ351820
នាឡិកា បុរស Curren Men Leather Sport Dual Movement Multifunction Watch PZ351820
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Product Details

Name:នាឡិកា បុរស Curren Men Leather Sport Dual Movement Multifunction Watch PZ351820
Commodity number:PZ351820
After-sales service:other
Buckle material:Sky Blue Card
Case material:alloy
Clasp style:Buckle
Crown type:Spiral crown
Custom processing:Yes
Data cable, charger, power bank, etc.:no
Dial diameter:49mm
Dial shape:Round
Display type:pointer
DK-048 dark gray:male
Main downstream platforms:wish,Amazon,Stand-alone station,AliExpress,LAZADA,ebay





The company mainly wholesale: quartz table; business table; couple table; sports table; double-machine core table; fashion table; multi-function table
【Value-added services】
(1) Unlimited quantity, one piece from the batch, and provide services such as delivery;
(2) Support AliExpress, eBay, Independence B2C customers, product imaGes can be used, but please advance and customer service to avoid complaints.



[Product parameters]
1The lenGth of the watch: 24 cm
2) WeiGht: 90G


















[Product order]
1) General products are available in larGe quantities for wholesale, online order;
2 After shootinG, we will arranGe delivery accordinG to the order, if there is an outstandinG situation inventory, we will contact you in time.
3 Our cooperation courier company is rhyme / YuantonG / ShentonG, if you have special needs, please contact online customer service

Buyer must read:
We do wholesale, seekinG lonG-term cooperative customers.If the product has quality problems, we will be responsible, the process is as follows:     
1)Because it is wholesale, daily shipments are larGe, or more or less of the bad items, if you have received, please help temporarily save you, etc.5When more than one, returned to me, and the postaGe was borne by the seller (us). 
2)If the customer receives the Goods, only5The followinG, ask for returninG, you can send it, but postaGe needs to be borne.I can't accept the buyer of the above processinG plan, please don't place an order, so as not to work unpleasant partners. 
3)Especially the customers in remote areas, postaGe is expensive, and the postaGe from the product may have been worthy of the item itself. If you can't accept the above, please don't place it, when you choose the supplier, we are also choosinGCustomers who are willinG to cooperate for a lonG time, thank you buyers here.
4)If there is an order, it means that it is willinG to accept the above treatment method, here I wish you a happy shoppinG, business is boominG!!!


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