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នាឡិកាបុរសនិងនារី KDIF Bezel Women And Men Watch Trend Hot Sale PZ575631
នាឡិកាបុរសនិងនារី KDIF Bezel Women And Men Watch Trend Hot Sale PZ575631
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Name:នាឡិកាបុរសនិងនារី KDIF Bezel Women And Men Watch Trend Hot Sale PZ575631
Commodity number:PZ575631
Buckle material:Sky Blue Card
Case material:alloy
Clasp style:Single folding buckle
Custom processing:Yes
Data cable, charger, power bank, etc.:no
Dial diameter:38mm
Dial shape:Round
Display type:digital
DK-048 dark gray:Female
Mirror material:Plexiglass mirror
Movement type:quartz
Origin (domestic):Guangdong Province


Style: strip style

Size: 40mm

Process: high-precision grinding and polishing 

Remarks: foreign trade watches




1. The survival philosophy of KDIF Division

Our products are all hot models of foreign trade, with excellent quality and favorable prices. The most important thing is that the watches we issue are checked by our QC department one by one. There are absolutely no defective products. Maybe our price is not the best price., But we don’t have the price of defective products and we have a very advantage. This is more affordable than those low-priced items with a high defective rate. In fact, maybe the same product, the price of others will be lower than ours, but if there is a defective product, the price of others will be lower than ours.If the product rate is high, it will not be worthwhile in general. This is equivalent to spending more money on more expensive products. This is not a lesson. This is how the saying that cheap does not have good products comes from.So it's right to choose us. 

    The company is a company that "seeks development by reputation";

We will not use inferior products to deceive our consumers. If the products we produce have quality problems, we will not send them to our customers. We would rather postpone the shipment for a few days than send the defective products to us.Customers, although they will postpone the delivery for a few days, I believe that customers will understand us because the quality of our products is guaranteed, because this allows customers to have no complaints and disputes. Isn't this a good thing?I believe that all customers hope that the watches they receive are okay. What if they wait a few more days?Winning credibility is the most important for a company. Only by winning credibility can it develop in the long-term, so that there will be batches of old customers, and the company will grow stronger and stronger. 

2. The company's main business scope

     The company mainly produces and sells: quartz watches, business watches, couple watches, sports watches, dual movement watches, fashion watches, multi-function watches and gift watches, etc.

Third, the company's product positioning
    1. Unlimited quantity, starting from one piece, and providing services such as delivery on behalf of others;
    2. Support AliExpress, Ebay, Amazon, independent B2C customers, product pictures can be used, but please report to the customer service in advance to avoid complaints.

Four, company business services

       The company's online and offline business operation statement, as a production and sales company, when wholesale operations, the price is cheap and the shipment is large, and it is inevitable that there will be quality problems or defects. After receiving the goods, damages, quality problems, or defects are found, please accumulate certainIf the quantity is exchanged again, or the next time, the return shipping fee will be borne by us (for domestic only); if you want to change the product immediately, the buyer will bear the return shipping fee.For details, please refer to the wholesale rules of our store. Orders are accepted. If you are unclear, you can consult Wangwang. Only when you understand, you can place an order. Thank you for your cooperation. I wish you a prosperous business!!!







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