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លីអូបុរស ខោហែលទឹកបុរស Men Boxer Men Swimming Trunks Swimsuit PZ990595
លីអូបុរស ខោហែលទឹកបុរស Men Boxer Men Swimming Trunks Swimsuit PZ990595
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Name:លីអូបុរស ខោហែលទឹកបុរស Men Boxer Men Swimming Trunks Swimsuit PZ990595
Commodity number:PZ990595
8091676 red:Hongtu
Applicable gender:male
Applicable scene:Swimming wading
Brand:Feiyue FLYGD
DK-048 black:Polyester
DK-049 hole blue:Polyester fiber (polyester)
DK-049 light pink:88
Fabric name:Polyester
Ingredients:Polyester fiber (polyester)
Inventory type:Whole single
Item No.:9501-A658 Five-point pants
lapelLapel/POLO collar:adult



 Please refer to the following dimensions before buying.


Size diagram:




 Waist circumference Maximum stretch HipsMaximum stretch Pants length Thigh circumference Maximum stretch
  72115 80 110524565


These swimming trunks have good elasticity and are suitable for men between 45KG-70KG.


Hand-tie anti-drop elastic band around waist


Material: 82% nylon + 18% spandex


The fabrics are of good workmanship, and the fabrics will not fade. Swimming or hot springs are fine.




The pictures are taken in kind. Due to the display and lighting, there will be some small color differences. I really mind the color!


Reminder: Due to the meager profit, and the manufacturer’s account only reports the number of styles, not the colorQuantity, so if you require any color, we can only try to meet yourDemand, of course, except for large-scale orders, you can do it according to your color; friends who mind too much, please place your order carefully!                               













Baby detail precision wiring real shot


Adjustable elastic band (suitable for 45-70KG wearing)

Soft protective layer



[Brand]: Feiyue FLYGD (available at counters in major shopping malls)

[Style]: Men's swimming trunks
[Color]: As shown in the figure (due to the shooting effect, the actual object may deviate from the picture) The pattern position of the patterned fabric will be offset
[Texture]: 82% nylon 18% spandex
[Features]: High elastic fabric
  No deformation, no fading, international brands
【Size】:Reference size: XXL


[Swimming trunks size]: (standard can be used as a reference)




 XLSize: height 160-168, weight 50-60KG, waist circumference 2.0-2.2




 XXLSize: Height 165-180 Weight 55-70KG Waist circumference 2.3-2.5




 XXXLSize: Height 170-185 Weight 65KG-85KG Waist 2.6-2.9




XXXXL((XL): height 170-190, weight 80KG-110KG Waist circumference 2.9-3.4




The size provided in this shop is for reference only. Because of the cross change of personal height and weight, swimming suits are more flexible, the main reference is your height, weight and your own preferences.
  The size is for reference only, not as a basis for return or exchange.Specifically, it will be different due to personal height and weight changes. Split swimsuits mainly refer to weight and measurements, and have little relationship with height. Therefore, the main reference basis is height.If your body is thinner or fatter than the standard body, please decide the size you need.




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