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ឆ្នាំងអ៊ុត Portable Handheld Household Electric Iron Folding Iron PZ931418
ឆ្នាំងអ៊ុត Portable Handheld Household Electric Iron Folding Iron PZ931418
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Product Details

Name:ឆ្នាំងអ៊ុត Portable Handheld Household Electric Iron Folding Iron PZ931418
Commodity number:PZ931418
Temperature adjustment method:Mechanical thermostat
3C certificate number:2016010710919554
Floor material:Teflon non-stick bottom plate
Item No.:HT-258B
Main downstream platforms:Amazon,AliExpress
Main sales area:Europe,South America,North America,Africa,North-east Asia,Southeast Asia,middle East
Product Category:Electric iron
Rated frequency:50
rated power:700
Rated voltage:Hongtu



Baby profile:

This baby is a three-stage thermostat steam mini electric iron, which can be used for dry ironing and steam ironing.

1. After the handle is folded, the electric iron can be put in the handbag, which is convenient for business, business trip and travel.

2. There are three levels of temperature adjustable, Teflon bottom plate.

3. The power is 700 watts, low power is a good companion for students and friends.

4. The electric iron has a built-in fuse and thermostat, which guarantees safe use.

When buying an electric iron, it is recommended that everyone buy heat insulation pads, which can prevent the clothes from being damaged due to improper temperature adjustment during the ironing process.Especially newbies and student friends who use it for the first time!Those who iron chiffon and silk clothes are also best to choose heat insulation pads.



Receiving instructions

Please check the quantity of the items, whether the accessories are complete, and whether there are any defects on the spot, and sign for after confirming that there is no problem.If you sign on the receipt, it means that you have recognized the quantity, content and integrity of the goods, and the carrier will no longer bear any responsibility, and the store will no longer bear the loss caused by the inconsistency, lack or damage of the goods

Return instructions

1. Quality issues (not including details in the description of the baby) will be returned or exchanged, and the round-trip freight will be borne by the seller. (Note: Buyers must open the package in front of the courier for inspection. If there is a quality problem, please return it in person. If not in personTimely return, the courier fee sent to the seller when the return is exchanged shall be borne by the buyer)

2. If the wrong goods are sent, they will be returned or exchanged, and the freight will be borne by the seller;

3. After the buyer receives the goods, in addition to quality problems, if you don't like to change the goods, the buyer will bear the freight back and forth.

4. Under any circumstance, the buyer will be responsible for the damage during the transportation process when returning the goods.

5. For returns and exchanges, you must put a note in the returned goods, and specify 1) the buyer’s own address and telephone and other contact details; 2) the source of purchase, indicate the online shop ID, and the date of purchase; 3) specify the detailsThe problem is, if there is no such detailed information, we will delay processing.

Evaluation description

1. 100% of all products are shot in kind, but due to objective factors, errors are inevitable.Issues such as chromatic aberration and subjective reasons cannot be used as the basis for complaints and negative reviews.

2. After receiving the goods, please give us praise and encouragement if you are satisfied. If you are not satisfied, please do not give us bad reviews at will. This will affect our praise rate. If you are not satisfied, please contact us within 48 hours.We, we must give you a reasonable solution, and believe that our growth also has your share of credit.

We will try our best to save shipping costs for the parents. If you purchase multiple items at once, you only need to pay one shipping fee (calculated based on the first weight + continued weight)

3. Postage: different places have different rates  

4. If you need to send other express, please contact our customer service.

 Note: This shop takes the payment on the same day, and the delivery the next day, sometimes there are too many goods, the warehouse is too busy, and the delivery will be one day late, "this situation rarely occurs, usually the next day delivery", the goods are urgentOf customers think carefully before shooting, please read this paragraph carefully before shooting.


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