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កាបូបឡើងភ្នំ Casual Briefcase Outdoor Mountain Hiking Waterproof Bag PZ147078
កាបូបឡើងភ្នំ Casual Briefcase Outdoor Mountain Hiking Waterproof Bag PZ147078
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Name:កាបូបឡើងភ្នំ Casual Briefcase Outdoor Mountain Hiking Waterproof Bag PZ147078
Commodity number:PZ147078
Applicable gender:Unisex / both men and women
Brand:FREE KNIGHT/Free Knight
Stand-alone stationsweet:¥99.00
Supply category:Spot



អំពីការបញ្ជារទិញ៖ យើងនឹងធ្វើការបញ្ជារទិញរបស់លោកអ្នកនៅថ្ងៃបន្ទាប់ក្រោយពេលដែលលោកអ្នកបានបង់ប្រាក់រួចរាល់។

អំពីការដឹកជញ្ជូន៖ ទំនិញដែលលោកអ្នកបញ្ជារទិញនឹងត្រូវបានផ្ញើរចេញពីរោងចក្រក្នុងរយះពេល 48ម៉ោង យ៉ាងយូរ។

រយៈពេលដឹកជញ្ជូនសរុប = រយៈពេលផ្ញើរទំនិញពីរោងចក្រមកឃ្លាំងនៅចិន + រយៈពេលដឹកជញ្ជូនពីចិនមកខ្មែរ + រយៈពេលដឹកជញ្ជូនដល់ផ្ទះអតិថិជន។

ជាទូទៅរយៈពេលដឹកជញ្ជូនសរុបគឺ 10-14 ថ្ងៃ (មិនគិតថ្ងៃឈប់សម្រាក)។ ចំពោះការយឺតយ៉ាវក្នុងការដឹកជញ្ជូន និងការដឹកជញ្ជូនពិសេសតាមផ្លូវអាកាសសូមទំនាក់ទំនងសេវាកម្មអតិថិជន៖ 023 882 545

អំពីការធានា៖ ក្រុមហ៊ុនធ្វើការទទួលខុសត្រូវទាំងស្រុងក្នុងការខូចខាតឬបាត់បង់មុនពេលអតិថិជនទទួលទំនិញ ក្រោយពេលដែលអតិថិជនចុះហត្ថលេខាទទួលទំនិញហើយ ក្រុមហ៊ុនយើងខ្ញុំនឹងមិនទទួលខុសត្រូវឡើយ។



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Baoding Liberty Rider Bags Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, mainly engaged in sports bags and computer bags with fashionable functions.The products combine the popular elements of current fashion and sports, with fashionable appearance, exquisite workmanship, excellent quality and low price, and are deeply loved by consumers.

Weinian positioning: Weinian luggage holds profound traditional skills, unique personality and high-quality workmanship, as well as the price of common people, which makes consumers feel that they are excellent value for money.
Weinian style: Weinian mainly deals in mountaineering bags and computer bags. The products bring surprises to those who love fashion, freedom and travel.The product design is exquisite, simple, practical and portable. It is your best choice no matter whether it is daily office or business trip.
Wunian goal: Wunian luggage is based on the concept of honesty and customer first, and strives to create high-quality luggage, bringing benefits to customers and setting a model for the industry.


 Only gather fine materials to produce good products
Nian Jun is satisfied

Contact mobile phone: 13332225822: 13332225822

Dear customer, you are good!Thank you for visiting the Alibaba China website of Freedom Rider luggage.For all products purchased on this site, please refer to our ordering process:

1. The products of our factory are directly ordered in stock. Our factory supports logistics collection and Alipay guarantees the transaction. Please pay for the other products before we ship.We will tell you when there is no stock.

Second, if you need to make to order, please give the specific modification rules. We will give suggestions based on the actual situation. For all the products that our factory is producing, a small order of 100 pieces is customized, products that are not on the production line, orFor other products, a single-color single style above 500 is required for customization.

3. If there are samples, please send the samples to our company and we will give a good price.

Fourth, if we need to design, please provide specific content such as design concept, material, size, etc.

(Our factory does not provide free samples. All samples are charged and paid by express delivery. Please understand. If you need to make samples, please pay the proofing fee. The order quantity is more than 500. The proofing fee can be returned by placing an order, or as a goodFinal payment.)

Tariff details: Our samples are all ex-factory wholesale prices, excluding tax.Proofing fees, according to the complexity of the structure, generally range from 300-400 yuan for shoulder bags, 500-1000 yuan for backpacks, and charge for bank card bags and small bags as appropriate.

Logo production is charged according to the production process. Printing and plate making: 100 for a single color, plus one more color, plus 50. Embroidery plate making: RMB 150 for a single color, plus 50 yuan for one additional color.Plastic plate making: Basic cost: 200. Metal logo mold fee is 800 and above, and custom-made requires more than 500.

Please communicate with us for other costs.We will give you low fees.

For specific unclear matters, please contact 13333225822, 13332225822

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