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ស្បែកជើងនារី Women Nightclub Pointed High Heeled Shoes PZ366284
ស្បែកជើងនារី Women Nightclub Pointed High Heeled Shoes PZ366284
Pre-order, Arriving in 20 Days

Product Details

Name:ស្បែកជើងនារី Women Nightclub Pointed High Heeled Shoes PZ366284
Commodity number:PZ366284
Applicable scene:banquet
Applicable sports:Universal
DK-043 (inside) black:Export
Dress style:Sleeve/Overshoes
Heel shape:Stiletto
Inside material:Cortex
Insole material:PU
Inspection report:no
Item No.:ZTE 62 Xinyu 918-1
Latest delivery time:3 days
Listing year season (time to market):Spring 2017



អំពីការបញ្ជារទិញ៖ យើងនឹងធ្វើការបញ្ជារទិញរបស់លោកអ្នកនៅថ្ងៃបន្ទាប់ក្រោយពេលដែលលោកអ្នកបានបង់ប្រាក់រួចរាល់។

អំពីការដឹកជញ្ជូន៖ ទំនិញដែលលោកអ្នកបញ្ជារទិញនឹងត្រូវបានផ្ញើរចេញពីរោងចក្រក្នុងរយះពេល 48ម៉ោង យ៉ាងយូរ។

រយៈពេលដឹកជញ្ជូនសរុប = រយៈពេលផ្ញើរទំនិញពីរោងចក្រមកឃ្លាំងនៅចិន + រយៈពេលដឹកជញ្ជូនពីចិនមកខ្មែរ + រយៈពេលដឹកជញ្ជូនដល់ផ្ទះអតិថិជន។

ជាទូទៅរយៈពេលដឹកជញ្ជូនសរុបគឺ 10-14 ថ្ងៃ (មិនគិតថ្ងៃឈប់សម្រាក)។ ចំពោះការយឺតយ៉ាវក្នុងការដឹកជញ្ជូន និងការដឹកជញ្ជូនពិសេសតាមផ្លូវអាកាសសូមទំនាក់ទំនងសេវាកម្មអតិថិជន៖ 023 882 545

អំពីការធានា៖ ក្រុមហ៊ុនធ្វើការទទួលខុសត្រូវទាំងស្រុងក្នុងការខូចខាតឬបាត់បង់មុនពេលអតិថិជនទទួលទំនិញ ក្រោយពេលដែលអតិថិជនចុះហត្ថលេខាទទួលទំនិញហើយ ក្រុមហ៊ុនយើងខ្ញុំនឹងមិនទទួលខុសត្រូវឡើយ។

Quality assurance, long-term supply

Large quantity favorably, welcome to discuss cooperation, contact number: 13634039876 


[About chromatic aberration] There may be slight chromatic aberration between the picture and the actual object due to differences in the contrast of light and dark on the personal monitor.


[About smell] The shoes just leave the factory will have some glue smell, irrespective of the quality, the glue smell will dissipate in the ventilation place.


[About delivery] Generally, orders placed before 14:30 on the same day will be shipped on the same day.Place an order after 14:30 and deliver on time the next day.If there are special circumstances, we will contact you


[About after-sales] If you have any questions about the shoes sold, you need to contact our customer service as soon as possible to explain the situation, we will be responsible for the end, and the return shipping fee will be compensated according to the shipping shipping fee.The shipping fee for wrong code and color will be borne by the buyer!

[About the size] We have all been tested by models, for reference, and the final decision is yours, please don’t blame the customer service afterwards,

    If you change the size, the buyer will bear the freight back and forth


 [About Express] By default, Shentong Express, if you need other logistics, please contact customer service to make up the difference.


[About quality] Broken bottom, degumming, damage, serious stains, wrong delivery The company guarantees replacement

   Small thread ends, small stains, slight color difference, and glue smell are not quality problems.


[Service Concept] Assist small and medium-sized sellers on various platforms to start businesses, and promote better profitability for offline sellers




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