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Spike Jewelry Explosion Pocket Eletronic Scale Portable Backlight Micro Gram Weight Scale 325580
Spike Jewelry Explosion Pocket Eletronic Scale Portable Backlight Micro Gram Weight Scale 325580
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Name:Spike Jewelry Explosion Pocket Eletronic Scale Portable Backlight Micro Gram Weight Scale 325580
Commodity number:325580

    Baby Realbeat

Weight unit conversion value:

1ct /carat= 0.19997g1oz /ounce= 28.3495g

1dwt /British money= 1.5552g 1ozt /Troy ounce= 31.1034g

1gn /Grain= 0.0648g 1tl /Taiwan two= 37.4999g

Deduction/How to peel:

1, Start to zero;

2Place the weight on the weighing pan;

3When you press the Tare key to display0.0or0.00, Indicating that the weight has been deducted;

4, And then put the item you want to weigh, the reading at this time is the net weight of the item


Quickly press and hold after bootingMODEPress and hold the key until it appearsCALLet go, click againMODEWill appear200.00Flashing, put on200gWeights, etc.2Appears in secondsPassShut down and save the weight

Counting function

After starting to zero

Count one first25,50,75or100For each item sample to be counted, place the counted sample on the weighing pan and display the weight value.

1, Hold count/ PCSThree seconds display25,50,75or100.

2, Press the unit selection key to select the number of previously counted templates

3. Press the count key to confirm

4At this time, you can add the same items to be counted on the weighing pan to count

Use matters:

1The maximum weighing of this product should not exceed its maximum range+ 2%.

2Overloading will permanently damage the product.

3The product should not be exposed to extremely cold or hot environment. The product can work well in normal environment. Please allow the product to adapt to a new environment for at least one hour before use.

42. Before use, start weighing with the weight several times to allow the internal components of the scale to warm up, which will make the weighing more accurate.

5Put the product in a clean environment. Dust, moisture, vibration, airflow, or electromagnetic interference will have a negative impact on the stability and accuracy of the product.To handle it gently, place the item gently on the weighing pan during weighing to avoid inaccurate weighing or damage to the internal parts of the scale.

62. As this product is a high-precision product, be very careful when using it to avoid vibration or drop.

7Use on a stable and windless level surface.


The primary factor for inaccurate weighing or failure is insufficient battery power, incorrect calibration, overload or operation on a non-level surface.Please pay attention to the points mentioned above in order to properly use and maintain your product

1, Do not display or display the insufficient power symbol 【lo] Need to change batteries;

2, [EEEEE] Overload, the overloaded items should be removed immediately;

3, [o_ld】 Due to incorrect operation, the internal core components of the scale are damaged (such as impact, drop or overload), please try to recalibrate. If the sensor is not severely damaged, it can be used after recalibration.

4,display88888, Please work on a stable and stable surface.

Buyers are cautioned!Household electronic scale products are precision measuring instruments. Any measuring instrument has measurement errors. There are relevant national and international standards for electronic scales. The factory inspection standards of electronic scale manufacturers are based on this standard.The common detection of electronic scales includes precision detection, repeatability detection, four-corner deviation detection, wet environment detection, uneven ground detection, etc. The accuracy standards generally specified for household electronic scales are0.3% + /-1d,d =The smallest display scale, the accuracy standard of the body scale is1% + /-1d.Electronic scales within this standard are all qualified products.If you need higher accuracy, please add one more precision digit to your needs, that is, if you need to be accurate to0.01Grams instead of showing0.01Grams, then please purchase display0.001For the products of gram, because the last digit displayed value in the standard of electronic scale is the reference value instead of the actual value, this is the industry standard.Therefore, the repeatability and the four-angle deviation (the weight is placed in different positions on the weighing pan) are different, which is normal within the standard range.

※ Dear customer, our company solemnly reminds you that when you receive the goods, please be in front of the courier, check the goods first, and then sign!If you sign for the goods without inspection, you will tell us that the goods are damaged or lost due to courier, we will not be responsible for it; you will bear the courier cost

Friendly reminder: According to Alipay dispute handling rules, please check whether the goods are damaged before signing.First of all: I use Alipay to cooperate with express delivery, and enjoy the right to sign after inspection, please cherish this power. If there is any problem with the product, please return it directly to the courier without a signature.

Second: Sometimes the courier will ask you to sign first and then check the goods. At this time, you should ask the courier to supervise on the spot and open the package for inspection. If the product is found to be damaged, you should directly reject it and return the goods to the courier or ask for details on the receiptSituation and let the carrier sign for confirmation.Once you sign, it means that you have recognized that the product is intact and the quantity is correct, and that our claim to third-party logistics is also taken away by you at the same time, so please be responsible for it yourself

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