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Phzar (Cambodia's Largest Online Shopping Platform) Terms of Service

Welcome to Phzar, Cambodia's Largest Online Shopping Platform, operated by Camazoon Co., Ltd.  Phzar Online Marketplace is an additional service on Phzar Online Direct Sale, where Phzar’s buyers will be able to order items from any of our participating sellers that have been carefully selected by Phzar.


1.   Phzar Refunds and Returns Policy

1.1.    Phzar’s buyers may apply for refunds and/or returns of items purchased on at any time within three (3) days after the date of delivery.


1.2.    Please note that buyers must send the items to the address designated by Phzar within two (2) days after the return request.  When returning the items, buyers should write down the return/refund reasons so that we can improve our products/services to give you a better online shopping experience. Phzar reserves the right to reject any application where the items' condition cannot apply on our “3 Days Money Back Guarantee”.


1.3.    The approval of your request for Refunds and Returns will be made by Phzar in its sole discretion after reviewing your application and inspecting the condition of the returned items. The items that were returned to Phzar must apply to the following conditions:

        - New and sealed condition;

        - Completed, with all items included in the purchase; and

        - With original product packaging and price tags.


1.4.    In addition, please note that certain types of items may be excluded from the Returns Policy and can only get Refunds. Those items usually are Phzar’s Online Direct Sale items. For those cross boarder purchasing items, you can get your money back by directly apply for a full refund instead of returning your items since cross boarder shipping fee is costly.  However, please note that our policies may change without notice at any time and certain items may be subjected to exclusion after buyers have purchased them.  


1.5.    If Phzar rejects a request for Refunds and Returns, Phzar will organize a delivery of such items to the relevant buyer's address to which the items were originally delivered and Phzar shall be entitled to seek compensation for any costs incurred in delivering the items back to such buyers.


1.6.    Phzar reserves the right to terminate a user’s access from if suspected any abuse of the Refunds and Returns Policy described in Phzar’s Terms of Service and if Phzar deems appropriate, may also impose penalties (including recovery of any fees or charges incurred as a consequence of such abuse).


1.7.    The Refunds and Returns Policy for items described in Phzar’s Terms of Service are in addition to the general policy described in the Refunds and Returns Policy.


2.   Phzar’s Seller Terms and Conditions

2.1.    If you are a seller, you should have registered on a separate Merchant Platform:, and agreed with Phzar’s Selling Agreement.


2.2.    Sellers warrant that all items offer on Phzar are actually delivered to buyers and comply with applicable laws and the specifications listed on our site, including product warranties, specifications, drawings, samples, performance criteria and all applicable qualities, safety and hygiene requirements.


2.3.    If a seller is found to have offered or sold any item on Phzar that is restricted under Phzar’s Prohibited and Restricted Items Policy, Phzar reserves the right to, at its sole discretion, remove the offending items from our site and execute refunds to buyers who have purchased such items.


2.4.    In case the dispute raised by buyers to return or refund an item,  Phzar reserves the right to collect any proof of logistics and inspections to facilitate the return of the item. Sellers understand and agree that if this case happens, Phzar has the right to recover from the relevant sellers any costs incurred in returning the item(s) by deducting sellers' deposited amount.


2.5. For any refund or return request approved by Phzar, Phzar will organize the delivery of the relevant returned items to the complete local addresses provided by sellers.  If sellers fail to provide correct local addresses, Phzar reserves the right to keep it in our warehouse for thirty (30) days until we contact sellers to pick up the returned items.


2.6. For any refund or return rejected by Phzar, Phzar will organize the delivery of such items to the relevant buyers' shipping addresses. 


3.  Phzar 100% Authentic Product Policy 

3.1.    All products listed by sellers must be 100% authentic.


3.2.    Counterfeit or Replica products are prohibited from being listed in Phzar Online Retails Platform. The term “Counterfeit or Replica” indicates products that were made in exact imitation of an existing brand with the intention to defraud, include:

        - products that violate any local law;

        - products that are fake or replica of existing official products;

        - products that contain a registered trademark without the authorization of the trademark owner;

        - products that have no visible trademark on the product images on the listing, but the delivered products include a trademark.


3.3.    Original Equipment Manufacturer (“OEM”) brands are permitted as long as no official brand logo is displayed on any OEM product image and no official brand name is stated in any part of the product information.


3.4.    If requested by Phzar, sellers shall promptly provide documentations to Phzar to prove the authenticity of items including, but not limited to, manufacturer sales invoices, authorized distribution agreements or certificates of authenticity (“Proof of Authenticity”).


3.5.    If sellers fail to provide proofs of authenticity, the sellers shall:

        - Accept the return of the items from the buyers;

        - Refund to the buyers twice the amount that the buyers paid for the items or, where Phzar has already refunded this amount to the buyers, the sellers shall refund such amount back to Phzar;

        - Be liable to compensate Phzar for such other costs, expenses, losses and liabilities suffered or incurred.


3.6.    In the event Phzar’s sellers have violated section 3, Phzar may take all appropriate action to remove the counterfeit item listing from the Site, prohibiting the publication of the same or similar products, suspending or terminating the seller's account and/or access to



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